About Us

Our message at Decision Time Ministries is a message of hope – founded in the belief that God can and will, save, heal, deliver, and change entire towns, cities and countries all around the world for His glory alone.

We will go and take the message of salvation to whoever will listen (Mark 16:v15) we are an open vessel ministry for the Holy Spirit to use as he wishes.

The founder of DTM (Decision Time Ministries), Philip Cartlidge, is a bible believing, Holy Spirit filled Christian who has answered the call of God on his life. As the son of a Pentecostal Minister, Phil was brought up in a faith-rich environment and was privileged to travel to wherever his father’s ministry took him. In his travels Phil has encountered the power of God in many great and mighty ways and longs to see God move through him in even greater ways!

From a very young age Phil has been involved in ministry, but did go through a trying time of being backslidden & distant from God… God, however, intervened and turned his life around completely!

Today he is equipped with the fire & power of the Holy Spirit who has seized his heart and has dedicated his life to reaching the lost and to see them come into God’s Kingdom completely set-free!

‘Our Charity Brochure’ available for download

Our Charity Brochure